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How to Conduct a Reverse Cell Phone Trace On The Web

How to Pull Up a Complete Background Check on Anyone


Reverse Cell Phone Owner Lookup & Record Search

Reverse Unlisted Number Records Search

Reverse Email Search

Reverse IP Address Lookup

Reverse License Plate Lookup

Regular Landline Phone Number Lookup

Reverse Address Search


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Your Spying Eyes is currently being re-constructed and improved in order to provide smoother, easier and more effective investigation results, and will be available very shortly.

Therefore, neither the upgraded demo, nor the full version of the program is available at this time.

In the meantime, we recommend using the service below to conduct investigations & background checks...

See if the person you're investigating is in their database:

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1. How Much Does YSE Cost?

YourSpyingEyes is only $19.99 - once. It's not an annual fee, or a subscription. You can pay securely with any major credit card or with PayPal. You'll be able to download it immediately after payment, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

2. If These Are Public Records & Resources - Then Why Can't I Just Find Them On My Own?

Well, you technically could - maybe. It took us months of research, talking to experts and sifting through one hard-to-find government site after the next to actually find and organize the vast amount of search tools, records databases and so on that YourSpyingEyes provides one-click access for. This is because, though these records sources are "public", they're not advertised, and the data they store is NOT indexed by search engines.

Is $19.99 worth saving countless hours of frustration and dead-ends trying to find that one "real" resource that actually contains real government records, databases and information? What is your time worth to you?

Is $19.99 worth knowing the truth as soon as possible - without spending months trying to figure out where to even start looking on your own? And that's not an exaggeration - most of these resources are only found by those who ask around, ask private investigators, and related experts. Not by searching "Google".

3. What Can YourSpyingEyes Find That Other Search Sites Can't?

What makes YSE so powerful is that it's the ultimate "quick-jump" organization tool for any type of online investigation, and it compiles a multitude of individual search tools, live databases, records lookup engines, specific people-search lookups and much more.

So instead of only drawing results from just a few sources - which is what sites like WhitePages.com, Yahoo People Search or other popular lookup sites do in order to provide its results - YSE gives you direct access to over 72 individual data sources so you can search as specifically as you need to, and in much more detail.

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"When I first upgraded to the full version of YourSpyingEyes, I emailed the customer support staff because I wanted to find out exactly how to use the software to try and find missing people - there's a lot of categories and search tools...

"Surprisingly, I actually got a response right away - and using their advice and their investigation tutorials, I was able to use YourSpyingEyes to locate my sister, who I haven't seen or heard from in years!"

"Thanks so much!"

Nadine Smith
Southampton, UK

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"I found the software extremely easy to use. The information you could extract from the sources is informative and actually has value to me and the security business I run. I also found that using the resources for personal use very exciting and informative."

"Absolutely a great product."

Ted Marlett

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"Your Spying Eyes practically allows you to become a virtual secret agent and dig up facts, figures, and even dirt on almost anyone. I've been able to find information on my family, and on myself that I didn't know people could find."

"It's a tool that '007' would be proud to own..."

Scott Ames

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"I am not at all in the habit of regularly 'spying' on anyone, but in this day and time it is great to have the ability to check out people whose paths may cross those of your family and business."

"Your Spying Eyes makes this kind of 'background check'a quick and easy process. I like how easy and intuitive it is to work with, and it really does deliver the info you need to be an informed parent and businessperson."

Best Wishes,

Jim Erskine
Homeway Press

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