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How to Obtain Credit Reports & Financial Records Online

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Are you in the process of screening a tenant - and you want to make sure that they have a decent financial track-record? Or are you screening a potential business partner or investor?

Perhaps you're even wanting to get the full details about your own credit report, and what it says on your official "credit bureau" header. Or maybe you're worried that your credit has been damaged due to identity theft or fraud! (That's all too common these days, sadly...)

In every case - knowledge is power, and it can help you to make some good decisions - as well as avoid making some truly terrible ones!

Well, you're in luck. The internet contains an abundance of public records and information about the financial details of many people's lives - even yours. In fact, if you're a US citizen, you can even get your own free credit report directly from the US Government once annually - and that entitlement is something that most credit reporting agencies don't want you to know!

However, if you want to investigate someone else's financial track record, these are a few sources where you can obtain this type of info:

* Bankruptcy filings, court records

* Civil lawsuits & court dockets (usually it's the defendant vs. a credit card or collections company)

* Business court cases

* Contract complaint court records (including the case status and any judgments or opinions appointed)

* And much more...

However - as you've no doubt discovered already, you won't find this type of information on conventional search sites like Google.com or other popular search engines. No, you'll have to go directly to the source - the US government or the exact court database that contains the records. Those sources range from "relatively easy" to "practically impossible" to find, depending mostly on the location of the filing.

In other words - though these records are technically public, sometimes, it seems like they're anything but public, because they're so difficult to locate!

That's where Your Spying Eyes comes in...

We connect you directly with a comprehensive listing of hundreds of different, unique court record databases and search sites for each available US state, county and municipality - most of which are hard to find and not commonly used by anyone other than private investigators, attorneys or law enforcement agencies.

We also direct you to the exact government website for obtaining your free credit report - to which you are entitled as a US Citizen. (This one isn't too hard to find on your own, but we've included it within the scope of our investigation resources for your easy access & reference).

In short, Your Spying Eyes turns your computer into your own private investigator!

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