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See if records are available from the Gov-Records premium database:


If you need to find information about someone - but you only have their address, then here are some things you can do:

First things first, head over to WhitePages.com or SwitchBoard.com to pull up the nationwide public phone book and address registry, and run a search for the full or partial address to see if any results are yielded.

This will usually provide you with some useful results.

Next, try running the address in Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines to see if any relevant information can be obtained. (Use quotation marks around all or part of the address to filter out irrelevant search results).

If no results are found, try searching the major social networks and blogging archives like MySpace, Blogger.com, Facebook (search by people only), Xanga.com, and so on.

Also, try searching Craigslist.com and USFreeAds.com to see if they've posted an ad lately - those are the two most widely used classified ad networks on the internet.

Then, if you have no luck, if you have any information about the person's hobbies and so on, then find the most popular forums and message boards in that particular subject matter or industry, and search them for the full or partial address details to see if any matching documents, posts, profiles or pages surface.

Next, move on to searching public records - including real estate records, property/land titles, and even court records. You can use Your Spying Eyes to organize this process for you and save you a bunch of time.

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