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Reverse IP Address Lookup

An IP address is someone's virtual "location" on the web. In other words, it's a numeric system of keeping track of Internet Providers that connect an individual computer to the internet.

An IP address also represents URL's, such as "whatever.com", according to where and how they're hosted.

If you need to find out more about an IP address - including the location and perhaps even the "owner" of an IP location (computer, website), then there are actually a number of free tools you can use to do so...

1. Whois.net - Investigate any website. Free results that include host details, owner information if available, and contact info.

2. IP/DNS Address Lookup - A number of IP address, DNS and other technical investigation tools.

Between those two (free) sites above, you'll be able to investigate practically any IP address or DNS info about a website or domain.

For email addresses, however (especially public ones like Hotmail.com, etc.), it can be very difficult to trace. Your Spying Eyes does contain some additional resources for email lookups, but it's not the focus of the program.

However, there are sites and databases that do focus on email records, such as the one below...

See if email records are available from the Gov-Records premium database:

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